Writing better Git commit messages

I always use source control for my coding changes, however some of my commit messages leave something to be desired. I always try to write a commit message but I often think that the change themselves should be enough to indicate what I did. I also don’t need to include who made the change or the… Read More »

Microsoft Access

For historical reasons I use Microsoft Access as the front-end for all my line of business databases. Access allows you to create an ADP file that can connect to your SQL Server database. However Office has dropped support for this, so the last version of office that I can use is Office 2010. Before I start hating… Read More »

7 Warning Signs that you’re a Bad Programmer

Am I a good programmer or a bad programmer? Here are 7 signs that might mean you are more towards the bad end of the scale. 1) You fail to plan before you start coding I am very guilty of this, I love to jump into the code before thinking. But I am slowly starting to… Read More »

Things to know before working on your database

I recently saw this blog post by Brent Ozar that I thought I might discuss. Brent listed 13 questions to ask about a database before you start working with it. I am going to go through these 13 questions and expand on them based on my experiences. Is this database in production now? I think it should go… Read More »

New Horizons Pluto Spacecraft

To explore Strange New Worlds, well today the NASA spacecraft New Horizons has been doing just that. This is the most detailed photograph yet of the furthest planet we have ever explored, Pluto. New Horizons was launched on 19th January 2006. It has been travelling for 3463 days (9.5 years). In 2006 we were still… Read More »

How to upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft are releasing a new operating system on July 29th called Windows 10. If you have questions about Windows 10 watch this video by Scott Hansleman. He explains how to upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10 and what to expect after you upgrade. My advice to everyone is that you backup your… Read More »